Global Technology Hub in Split, Croatia


We facilitate extraordinary people, support their vision and creations by providing knowledge, resources, and guidance. Smart, creative, capable people can come from anywhere but we start from our hometown as a base of operations. 
SplitX is a global hub for technological innovation and is a driver of technological enterprises that impact the domestic economy positively.


We are gathering extraordinary people in a series of events which will serve to inspire and foster the community. Also, we want to showcase the potential that city of Split has; everything thriving entrepreneur could want in a long run - perfect climate, low burn rate, great talent pool, good food, lots of outdoor activity, etc. 

25-27 May 2018

SplitX: VR/AR summit

Invitation-only 3-day summit carefully designed to gain brilliant insights of Virtual Reality experts and get the best of our laid-back lifestyle.

Mentor Network

The network of highly experienced, successful entrepreneurs who are willing to help SplitX founders.

Our extended network ranges from VR to the blockchain, from AI to IoT and robotics.
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Tony Parisi
Tech Pioneer
Tony Parisi is a virtual reality pioneer, serial entrepreneur, and angel investor. He is the co-creator of 3D graphics standards, including VRML, X3D, and glTF, the new file format standard for 3D web and mobile applications. Tony is also the author of O’Reilly Media’s books on Virtual Reality and WebGL: Learning Virtual Reality (2015), Programming 3D Applications in HTML5 and WebGL (2014), and WebGL Up and Running (2012).

Tony is currently Head of VR and AR Brand Solutions at Unity Technologies, where he oversees the company’s strategy for virtual and augmented reality brand advertising and monetization.

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