SplitX: VR/AR summit

Split, 25-27 May 2018

Invitation-only 3-day summit in the heart of the Mediterranean

This is not your usual conference. Heck, this is not a conference at all. We are gathering brilliant minds, both speakers, and attendees, to tinker with amazing tech like VR/AR and get the best of our laid-back lifestyle. Get ready to indulge in the brilliant insights of Virtual Reality experts while enjoying 2000 year old history, organic food, incredible venues and mesmerizing scenery.


We are bringing some of the top-notch global frontier tech people, to share their knowledge and expertise. 
Tony Parisi
Global Head of VR/AR Brand Solutions at Unity Technologies
Ryan Wang
Founding Partner at
Outpost Capital
Az Balabanian
Azadux - Mixed Reality Production Studio
Igor Knezevic
Concept Designer for Feature Film / Founder @ Alienology 
Dominic Eskofier
Head of VR, EMEAI @Nvidia
Dominic is a huge Virtual Reality advocate and enthusiast and has been called “the single most influential European Virtual Reality specialist”. As one of the early pioneers of the modern VR movement, Dominic has been involved in the industry ever since Oculus founder Palmer Luckey showed him the original duct-taped prototype of the Oculus Rift back in 2012 when it was still a garage-made Kickstarter project.
Krasimir Nikolov
CEO @ Quark VR
Krasimir is the co-founder and CEO of QuarkVR. Their mission is to improve the user experience of VR and make it more affordable. To accomplish that they've developed a novel GPU compression and streaming technology, which enables uses cases such as untethered HMDs and cloud VR. QuarkVR is a pure software solution and does not require any special hardware.
Daniel Sproll
Co-Founder @ Realities.io
As co-founder & Chief Experience Officer of realities.io, Daniel brings the real world into virtual reality - as non-linear, interactive experiences based on photogrammetry. He explores the spatial and embodied nature of VR, spanning up worlds that let users embark on their own journeys. Along with his experience researching human navigation behavior in VR, this approach helped him to define the emerging industry of spatial computing by leading UX research teams at Audi and RE’FLEKT. 
Amir Bozorgzadeh
CEO at Virtuleap
Amir is the co-founder and CEO at Virtuleap, the host of the Global WebXR Hackathon and the startup powering up the Gaze-At-Ratio (GAR) XR metric. Amir is a regular contributor to tech blogs like VentureBeat and TechCrunch on emerging tech, new media formats, gaming and startup ecosystems.
Alexander Haque
CEO at Retinad VR
Alexander is the CEO and President of Retinad VR - the leading Analytics Platform for immersive media (AR/VR). Based out of Montreal and Silicon Valley, Retinad has been pioneering measurement tools for immersive experiences since 2014, helping brands, studios and creatives make sense of VR. Alex is also the co-organizer of San Francisco-based Non-Gaming VR meetup.
Armando Matijevic
Your Host
Armando is a CEO of an American-Croatian Virtual Reality startup SpaceSys on a mission to create a new generation 3D user interface. He is a passionate software developer, ex-basketball player, all-around productivity junkie and in love with his hometown.
As an avid sports freak, Armando is on the 18 years ongoing route to push boundaries of a human body in order to reach maximum potential. 
​ Detailed agenda is going to be provided for invitees.
Beyond is a brief overview.

Why VR/AR? Why Split?

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next generation

3rd wave of a world-changing technology

Virtual reality is transforming the way we learn, interact, and understand the world around us.

It's been long awaited but its finally here - riding a wave of enthusiasm, following web and smartphone epochs. Virtual Reality is the ultimate 3D computing facilitator. 

During these 3 days, dive deep and learn from experts who devoted their life living on a verge of creating novel yet life-changing technology.

YES, you will get to try out newest Vive PRO.
experience of a life-time

Split - emperor's city

No city has a unique story like our hometown. In the heart of the Mediterranean, a perfect little peninsula surrounded by 12km of beaches and countless bays, small green hills, and crystal clear sea. 1700 years ago, roman emperor Diocletian - the most powerful man on the planet, chose this piece of heaven to be his retirement home. He built a gigantic palace, that still stands today. After his death, the city rose around the palace and Split came to be. 
'Fjaka' - effortless living for a productive workcation
During your stay, you will experience our Fjaka lifestyle. You will get it right away: going off the grid, combined with an ideal mixture of nature and history results in a unique 'Fjaka' experience which you can't get anywhere else. Chill back and relax, enjoy your coffee and achieve maximum productivity.


City of Split and its surrounding area. From Emperor's palace to ancient fortress up on a hill. From traditional Dalmatian taverns to high-tech offices.
We believe tech events should not be one-dimensional, that's why we're breaking the stale habit and adding few more dimensions.

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